Sophia Saunders, Flexible Key Stage 2 Teacher

A teacher returning to work after having a child is hard enough, finding part-time work can be even harder! Return to Teach made the recruitment process fuss-free and easy. I was put in contact with a school and we went from there! Thanks to all.

Joanne Wilcox, Head Teacher

‘Thank you for helping me find an outstanding member of staff. The online forms were easy to complete with fast response to emails. Would definitely use again.’

Joanne Wilcox, Head Teacher Hillhouse Primary School.

Kath Acres, Maths Teacher

'I was able teach A Level Maths a few hours a week, fitting it in with my  tutoring business and examining. I really enjoyed being back in the  classroom and now I also teach intervention classes for GCSE borderline  students in another local school '

Kath Acres, Spade Oak Tutors

Mums who teach

What we do

  • We match schools that need experienced specialists with teachers who want to part time.
  • We promote flexible teaching roles.
  • Schools tell us what they need, teachers tell us what they want to do, and we put them in touch. 
  • These may be short term posts (e.g. maternity cover) but many are permanent. For example a school may be introducing A Level Psychology and need someone to teach 5 hours of Year 12 a week.
  • We aren't involved in HR processes, once we put you in touch with the school you will discuss all the logistics directly with them.
  • It's completely free for teachers to sign up!

Flexible teaching

Why we do it

  • Teachers get to continue doing the best job in the world!
  • Parents can work around family commitments.
  • Teachers can choose how far they travel and how often.
  • Teachers have the opportunity to teach in lots of schools, developing pedagogy and building networks.
  • Students get taught by the experienced teachers they deserve.
  • Start up schools are able to offer a full curriculum, taught by specialists.
  • Schools save money in advertising and agency costs.
  • We support teachers who have left the profession to return to teach!


To be part of the campaign for flexible teaching take part in our collaboration with Mother Pukka click the button below. We are interested to hear positive case studies, success stories and to find out more about the barriers we need to overcome!

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